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About Happy Days Children's Charity

For over 30 years, Happy Days Children's Charity has been helping schools, groups and families by organising and funding special days and holidays such as trips to the seaside, theatres, zoos, museums, outdoor activity centres, sporting events and other educational and cultural activities for children in the UK living with mental, physical and emotional difficulties.

We work in every region across the country and with your help, were able to support over 30,000 children with additional needs last year, removing barriers to give them a chance to get out, make new friends, develop new skills and build confidence in the face of adversity.

As well as helping individual families, we also to offer our support to hundreds of groups such as SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) schools and arrange special days for other charities including children’s hospitals, women’s refuges and victim support services, to name just a few.

It's your kind donations of time, money and gifts-in-kind that make this possible and we're grateful for any support you can give.

​Together we're making a difference, one day at a time. And what a difference a day makes...

Who Do We Help?

Happy Days supports children with a wide range of life challenges including:

  • Children with terminal and serious medical illnesses such as cancer and HIV
  • Children with learning disabilities such as autism and development delays
  • Children with physical challenges such as those who are wheelchair bound, blind or deaf
  • Children who have witnessed or been the victims of abuse including those in women’s refuges
  • Children who have been through a traumatic experience such as the loss of their mum or dad, brother or sister
  • Children who are young carers and look after a family member who are unable to care for themselves
  • Children living in care such as those in children’s homes
What a Difference a Day Makes...

The holidays, day trips and activities we organise are of course a fun experience, but so much more:

  • It gives children something to look forward to
  • It gives them a chance to escape isolation
  • It’s a chance to meet new friends, creating a support network to help them both now and in the future
  • It gives children the chance to develop new skills
  • It helps them develop independence
  • It allows them to socialise with different people in different ways
  • It gives them the chance to “feel like other children” and forget about their worries for a while
  • It helps them to learn more easily – better to visit a castle than to read about it in a text book
  • It gives them precious memories
  • AND ULTIMATELY It helps them to build confidence!
How you can support Happy Days Childrens Charity:
Our March of the Elephants sponsored walk is a really fun and simple way to support Happy Days and make a difference. Simply organise a walk or hike at your school, with a group or by yourself, and at a time that suits you, and raise sponsorship to help us fund special days out for children coping with difficulties in their lives.
We'll provide you with a FREE fundraising pack to get you started, including elephant masks to colour in and wear on your march, balloons, stickers, sponsor forms and posters.
PLUS as a thank you for your efforts, we'll send every child who raises over £50 an awesome Lego or Duplo model, which you can choose from our Lego Rewards catalogue!

For more information or for help and advice, please call Nicky at Happy Days on 01462 530710 or visit www.happydayscharity.org/elephantmarch

Happy Days Childrens Charity is most active in these areas:

Good Health and Well-Being
No Poverty
Quality Education
Reduced Inequalities

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