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SuperKind is a social change and fundraising platform – built to educate, inspire and empower young change-makers, aged 8-13, to make a difference to the world around them. Our website consists of:

  • Causes: the most engaging, informative and child-appropriate educational content available anywhere (in our opinion!). These pages cover The Problem, The Solution and The Actions that young people can take to make a difference in the most important areas facing our planet.
  • Change-Makers: case studies of incredible children that have invented, innovated, and campaigned for important causes in the world, to inspire the next generation of change-makers to take action.
  • Take Action: 12 step-by-step toolkits to walk young change-makers through exactly what they can do to be the change that they want to see in the world. Plus Change-Maker Badges to earn for completing each action!
  • Charities: a curated list of the most effective and child-appropriate charities in the UK and what young change-makers can do to support them and make a real difference to causes that they care about.
  • Fundraising Platform: the first ever fundraising platform built just for children. Easy to use and loaded with child-safe features to enable parents and schools to let their children raise money effectively and with total peace of mind.

SuperKind’s education platform is owned by a 100% non-profit CIC (SuperKind Education C.I.C). Our fundraising platform is a Social Enterprise (SuperKind Children’s Fundraising Ltd). Both organisations are dedicated to the mission of educating, inspiring and empowering the next generation of changemakers

SuperKind’s education site is a 100% not-for-profit organisation. It is completely free to use and we have 0% platform fees for all users (schools, students, charities). But we have to cover our costs such as our wonderful staff, our website & servers and getting the word out… So our fundraising platform is a social enterprise (a limited company). We ask those making donations on the fundraising platform to consider making an optional contribution to our organisation on top of their charitable donation to cover our running costs. 

As Steve Jobs said, ‘Great things in businesses are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people’. We brought together a team of academics, educators, and editors to curate the content so as to be (we think!) the most engaging, informative, academically rigorous and age-appropriate content for young change-makers available anywhere.

Did you know that there are almost 400,000 registered charities in the UK? That’s a lot! Part of our job at SuperKind is to cut through an overwhelming sector to curate the best and most child-appropriate content so that it is engaging and digestible for young change-makers, and that applies to charities as well. For each Sustainable Development Goal, we have selected a small number of charities to showcase, based on our extensive due diligence of their effectiveness and appropriateness for children.

The global challenges we are facing are constantly changing and we hope to see increasing progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. To that end, each cause page will be reviewed every 6 months to ensure that content is up to date. The ‘Most ‘Important Problems Around the World Today’ will be updated more regularly as they are highly time relevant. Charities will be given the opportunity to update their page as regularly as they like, and we recommend that this is done yearly at the very least.

SuperKind’s education platform makes no revenue and is a 100% not-for-profit. We don’t charge schools or charities or students any fees to be on, or use, the platform.

Our fundraising platform is a social enterprise (a limited company). This means that it is dedicated to a social mission (educating, inspiring and empowering the next generation of change-makers) but that it can make a small amount of profit. This is so that we can attract investors to support the high costs of creating and running a fundraising platform, and offer them a return for supporting us. 


Over 30,000 charities and good causes are registered on SuperKind. If you would like to raise money for a charity or cause that is not already registered then please give us a shout on [email protected] and we can get it added for you, usually within 4 working days.

SuperKind’s fundraising platform is powered by Charities Trust.
If you are a charity, and would like to join the 30,000+ other charities that can be fundraised for on SuperKind, please email us at [email protected].
The featured charities are chosen by SuperKind based on a number of criteria. If you think you have a mission that children will engage with particularly well, and would like to be considered, please contact us here.

All donations are processed by our established partners Stripe and Charities Trust. The donations are paid through to Charities Trust on a daily basis and they pay out donations to charities according to their agreed schedule with charities – normally once per week.

Where donors consent to Gift Aid being claimed on their donation, their details will be passed on to Charities Trust, who will process Gift Aid on charities’ behalf. Charities Trust charge a 4% fee for their Gift Aid reclaim service. For more information, please see here: https://charitiestrust.org/charities

SuperKind has a 0% platform fee on donations made through the site. We do not charge charities, fundraisers, schools or anyone else to use the platform. In fact, we cover all the platform fees that are involved. The only exception is the credit card processing fee, which is charged by our payment partner Stripe. Stripe deducts a processing fee of 1.2% + 20p from all donations made with a standard UK card. This goes straight to them (not to SuperKind) and is the lowest fee on the market. 100% of the net amount goes to your chosen charity.

There is an optional ‘tip jar’ for donors to add a voluntary contribution to SuperKind should they wish. Our fundraising platform supports our 100% not-for-profit education side (SuperKind Education CIC) so we rely on this tip jar to fund our platform. We are grateful for every penny that helps us with our mission.

At present we only take donations in British pounds.


SuperKind has been built with schools front-of-mind. It is the ultimate tool for schools to support children across every step of their journey towards changing the world.

Our Cause pages for the UN SDGs and Important Problems Around The World Today are an unrivalled educational resource for school children. Plus, we have inspirational case studies and step-by-step Take Action Toolkits. What’s more, we have put together a series of cross-curricular lesson plans, helping to bridge the gap between these important topics and the national curriculum.

Our fundraising platform is built just for children and schools. Schools can set-up school- and class- wide campaigns and fundraisers that are easy for students to use and fully GDPR compliant (and beyond!). This creates a centralised place through which to collect donations, saves the hassle of counting coins, and allows Gift Aid to be claimed.

For more detail on how Schools can use SuperKind, check out our Schools page.

Creating a child safe environment is our number one priority at SuperKind, so that schools and parents can let their children learn about important causes, take action and fundraise with total confidence. Some of the measures we take include: 

  • Never sharing children’s data outside of SuperKind
  • Requiring parents to provide approval at every stage that children share personal data with SuperKind, including: the setting up of an account, creating a fundraising page, to claim a change-maker badge.
  • Password protecting all fundraising pages by default, so that they can only be viewed by those with the password and cannot be accessed through search engines
  • Ensuring that all content on the site is age-appropriate for children
  • Alerting users and asking them to seek permission for any links that go beyond SuperKind.org


Absolutely! SuperKind was created by parents who wanted to give their children the tools and inspiration to make a difference to the world in a child-safe online environment and the platform is widely used by children to learn, take action, earn badges and fundraise, outside of a school environment.

The platform is also used by a range of other organisations working with children such as scout and religious groups.

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