The fundraising platform for Schools & PTAs

SuperKind's fundraising platform was crowned Digital Innovation of the Year by the Third Sector Awards.

SuperKind is an award-winning fundraising platform for schools and PTAs. 

You can use SuperKind to raise money for your PTA, your school, or you can choose from over 30,000 other charities and good causes already registered on SuperKind.

SuperKind is free to use and a social enterprise – promoting social action in schools across the UK. Find out why schools and PTAs see us as the best option for their fundraising campaigns.

Why schools & ptas use SuperKind for Fundraising:

1. Raise More Money, With Less Hassle:

Fundraising online with SuperKind replaces the pen and paper style fundraising and all the hassle goes with it. We charge nothing and because we are a social enterprise, the payment processing fees charged by our partner (Stripe) are more than 35% lower than other online fundraising platforms. This means that more money will reach your school/PTA or any other cause that you may choose to support! 

2. Designed for Schools:

SuperKind has been designed with schools and children front of mind. Of course we are GDPR compliant but we go far beyond that in order to make sure children are safe on SuperKind. SuperKind is unique in that it can safely be used by primary school children. In fact, we are the only fundraising platform in the world that can be legally used in schools by children under 13. 

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3. Supporting School Children:

We are a social enterprise dedicated to empowering schools and school children to make a positive difference to the world around them (e.g. we provide tonnes of free resources to schools), so by using our platform you are supporting schools across the country to empower their children towards learning about & supporting charities.


All donations are processed by our established partners Stripe and Charities Trust. SuperKind never handles donations.


SuperKind does not take anything from donations. A standard payment processing fee of 1.2% + 20p, is charged by Stripe (not us). 100% of remaining donations go to the chosen charity.


Unlike other fundraising platforms, SuperKind is a social enterprise. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering the next generation of change-makers.