About superkind

Educating, inspiring and empowering the next generation of change-makers to make a difference in the world around them. Not just one day, but right now.

Built in collaboration with global leaders in philanthropy and childhood education, SuperKind is an award-winning platform for schools to integrate social action and philanthropy within the wider curriculum and their classrooms. Our aim is help children grow up to be open-minded, empathetic and with a strong sense of their own agency in the world.

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Our mission

Our mission is to engage and motivate children to take action for causes they care about and make a genuine difference to the world around them. We know that 76% of primary school teachers feel civic engagement should be embedded within the curriculum and that many feel they lack the tools to do so (Body et al 2023). This is why SuperKind has been designed to help teachers integrate social action and philanthropy within the wider curriculum and their classrooms.

We do this in three ways:

  • Educate: Our ‘Cause’ pages provide unrivalled, child-safe coverage of the 17 UN SDGs, and other important current issues (e.g. Ukraine, Black Lives Matter) including cross-curricular lesson plans and curated lists of further resources. They equip children with the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to address the interconnected global challenges we are facing. Our ‘Charity’ pages provide a curated list of some of the best charities for young people to support, across all cause areas.
  • Inspire: Our ‘Change-Maker’ pages offer case studies of over 50 young change-makers serving as inspiration for children to see the genuine difference they can make to causes they care about, regardless of age or background.
  • Empower: Our ‘Take Action’ pages feature 12 step-by-step toolkits to teach children how to take action in an easy and meaningful way and reward them using our very own badge system. And when it comes to fundraising, our fundraising platform put all the power – and fun – into the hands of children. 

Body A, Lau E, Cameron L and Cunliffe J (2023) Mapping children’s active civic learning in England. University of Kent: Social Policy Sociology Social Research.

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Our approach

  • Social Enterprise: SuperKind’s education platform is a 100% not-for-profit run solely for the purpose of empowering young children to make a difference in the world around them. Our fundraising platform is also a social enterprise.
  • Completely unique, expertly designed educational content for this age group; complete with a badge reward system, quizzes, videos, pop-up glossary definitions and engaging & age-appropriate consent.
  • World’s first ever cross-charity fundraising platform for children.

Who we are

SuperKind was created by parents, who were inspired by the actions of their own young children. Natasha and Keren Mitchell watched their children learn, get inspired and take action on their own, including organising foodbank donation drives, writing letters to the prime minister and charity fundraising events (for WWF, Battersea Dogs Home, GOSH and others). They could see the obvious good this created for the recipient causes but also the benefits it gave their children in terms of empathy, leadership and a strong sense of agency. This inspired a journey to build a platform to educate, inspire and empower children everywhere to take action and make a difference in the world.

Joined by Tasha‘s sister Anoushka and working with academics, schools, charities and an amazing team, they have built SuperKind to be the ultimate resource to help create the next generation of changemakers. 

Our amazing team includes…

Keren Mitchell


I founded SuperKind because I love seeing the passion that children have for causes that they care about. I hope that SuperKind can encourage more children to learn, be inspired and take action to make change happen.

Natasha Freeman


I work on the creative development of SuperKind. I am passionate about equality and believe in the power of education. I hope superkind will help inspire and teach young people from all backgrounds to make a difference.

Anoushka Freeman

Head of Operations

I focus on processes and problem-solving for the team. I work on SuperKind by day and kayak on the Thames by night. I dream of a world in which rivers are free of sewage and plastic pollution.

Emma Ryu

Web Development

I coordinate the team of web developers working on SuperKind. Life Below water is cause close to my heart, as it is a fascinating place to investigate. I used to adopt a dolphin in Scotland called Whiskey with WWF.

Chris Ryu

Web Development

I oversee the web development of SuperKind. I am passionate about improving education for all. I set up a STEM education centre to encourage the next generation into STEM fields. I get excited by the next generation being smarter and more innovative than us. As Sir Isaac Newton said, ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants’.

Dave Smith

Web Development

I lead on the development of the fundraising platform on SuperKind. I believe there’s a severe lack of money, finance and basic economics education at the primary and secondary levels that needs to be corrected if we’re to steer the ship right and lift future generations out of poverty.

Adam Reeves

Web Development

I work on the web development of SuperKind. Cost of living is important to me because the rising costs of fuel, food and other essentials are combining with existing disadvantage and vulnerability and putting many households at greater risk of both immediate hardship and reduced opportunity and wellbeing.

Aaron Healey

Web Development

I work on the web development of SuperKind. As someone who has been personally impacted by William Syndrome, I believe that this rare genetic disorder deserves greater attention and support. By doing so, we can help create a more inclusive and compassionate world for all.

Andrew McCabe

Web Development

I work on the web development of SuperKind. The cause I support is education. The ability to communicate with and understand the world around us helps society become more accepting and open-minded.

Bekka Grainger

Web Design

I work on the design aspect of web development on SuperKind. Marine mammals have been my favourite animals since I was a little girl. Whether it’s because of the toxins and plastics in their bodies or a lack of food, marine mammal populations are declining. I would hate to my lifelong favourite animals face extinction.

Becky Michael


I have been responsible for editing many of the pages on SuperKind. I grew up by the Great Lakes when the water and air were still clean and cares most about protecting the planet for future generations.

Febe Meyer


I have written the educational pages on SuperKind. I hope that SuperKind can show everyone how to work together to keep the planet and the humans on it healthy and happy.

Jess Moorhouse


I create all the illustrations throughout the site. I try to donate and raise money for as many charities as I can. I particularly like to send regular donations to dog welfare charities as I have my own rescue pup Duke, who makes my world a brighter place!

Marie Rumler


I have helped to develop the framework of rules (the terms and conditions) on SuperKind. I am keen to make sure that all children have access to nutritious food and a good education.

Anna Jeary


I helped to create the SuperKind brand film. I grew up with foster siblings and am passionate about making the world a better place so children in care get the best opportunities in life.

Kayode Abiodun


I produced the toolkit videos for SuperKind. I envision a future where social media is used to create a positive societal impact and promote inclusivity.

Siu Yen Wong


I have had the honor of helping with the branding and messaging of SuperKind. I am passionate about topics and organisations related to children, diversity, equity & inclusion, inequality and poverty, and gender and social mobility.

Eugene Reisch


I have planned the look and feel of SuperKind based on my 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s best loved kids and family brands. As a dad of 2 girls I hope for every child to understand that kindness is a superpower… one they can use to genuinely change the world.

Sarah Hardaker


I administer the financial side of SuperKind.  When I’m not busy updating spreadsheets, I can usually be found busily growing veggies in my back in garden in sunny Sussex. I love seeing the empathetic nature of my three young children develop with the help of SuperKind.

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