Take Action

Use our take action toolkits to kickstart your change-making adventure.

Raising money can help charities achieve amazing things – from rescuing animals, to helping feed people.

Donating things that you no longer need could change someone’s life at no cost to you. A win-win situation!

Giving up your time to help others can make a huge difference to their life, and it can make you feel good too!

Letters and emails enable you to communicate with important people who you might not otherwise be able to talk to.

Speeches help get the word out about important messages and ask for change.

Posters can make people take notice of important problems and take action to fix them.

Petitions unite people to make a written request to change something.

A few simple changes in your everyday routines can have a huge impact.

Clubs bring together a team of people to work together towards a goal, achieving much more than any one person.

Events bring people together on special occasions to raise awareness, make a difference and have fun.

Protests can help make some noise about important problems, inspiring people to take action.

Every person you tell is an extra person who can make a difference. So spread the word far and wide!

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