Donating means giving something to a person or a group of people. You can donate all sorts of things – items (such as food, clothes, books, toys) or money. The special part about donating is that you might already have and no longer need, things that others really need. So, at no cost to you, you could change someone’s life!

Earn Your Badge!

Once you’ve donated, click on the badge on the right to claim your well-deserved badge! The first time you claim a badge you will get a bronze one, if you donate again you can get a silver and then a gold one! 

Steps to donating

1. Choose what you want to donate.

This is often based on what you have already have. For example, if you have clothes you’ve outgrown or if you received some money for your birthday, you could choose to donate those. 

Always check with your parent or guardian to be sure this is okay with them. 

2. Find out where you can donate the things you have chosen.

Here are several suggestions of places:

Two Donors who Changed the world

Generous people all over the world have shared money and things they no longer need through donations. Carol and Paddy Henderson are a shining example of donors who went above and beyond. They donated not only physical things (food and money) but also gave up their time and energy to set up The Trussell Trust.

Paddy and Carol were inspired to help after seeing 60+ hungry children living and sleeping outside at Central Railway Station in Bulgaria. When Carol’s mother (Betty Trussell) died in 1997, Paddy and Carol decided to use the money she had left behind to help feed those children.

Several years later, Paddy received a phone call from a desperate mother in Salisbury (UK), saying, ‘My children are going to bed hungry tonight. What are you going to do about it?’ Paddy researched food poverty and was shocked to read about the number of people facing hunger in the UK. Paddy and Carol soon started Salisbury Foodbank.

They filled their garden shed and garage with food kindly donated by members of their community. They welcomed people in need to collect emergency food parcels. Twenty years later, the Trussell Trust now supports over 1,200 food banks across the UK. The Trussell Trust provided 2.5 million emergency food parcels in 2020, alone.


Many inspiring children have donated in very special ways to change the lives of others. Read on to learn about their stories:  

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