Paisley Elliott

United States of America

Helping transform the lives of refugees since she was 5 years old.
SuperKind - Social Action and Philanthropy in Schools - Star

One day in nursery school, Paisley learnt about refugees, who did not have a safe home to live in or any toys to play with. This made Paisley feel sad. She believed she could do something to help.

Paisley spoke to her parents about how she felt and told them she wanted to donate toys and supplies to refugees in need. At just 5 years old, with only a little help from her parents, Paisley set up Paisley’s Pals. The goal of Paisley’s Pals was to bring children together and empower them to help other children in need. The first thing Paisley’s Pals did was to collect donations of more than 500 stuffed toys and deliver them to refugee children. But that was just a start! Next, Paisley collected donations for essential supplies like first aid kits, tents and books and delivered them to refugee children.

While collecting books, Paisley found out that many refugee kids couldn’t go to school, meaning they missed out on education. Paisley wanted to change this. She and her pals used their voices to speak out about the need to improve education for refugees and ask for donations. They also hosted events such as lemonade stands and sporting events. Together, they raised over $20,000 (about £15,000) to help transform an education centre for refugee children!

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