Revolutionising fundraising in schools

The only cross-charity fundraising platform safe for children under 13.
SuperKind empowers children and their schools to raise money for over 30,000 charities & good causes including:

SuperKind is an award-winning cross-charity fundraising platform built for schools and young children. It gives schools an easy, meaningful and most importantly, safe platform for children to raise money for thousands of charities and good causes.

SuperKind is dedicated to empowering the next-generation of change-makers. We know that giving children  agency is the key to meaningful charitable engagement that will last a lifetime. Our fundraising platform puts all the power – and fun – into the hands of children and allows them to raise money for over 30,000 charities and good causes.

Why schools are using SuperKind’s Fundraising platform…

1. Raise more money, with less hassle:

SuperKind replaces old-school paper fundraising forms. It means there is no money for children to collect, to leave in their bags and for teachers to count. It means that family & friends who live far away can still donate. And it means that all donations are eligible for Gift Aid, growing fundraising totals by up to 25%.

There are no costs to using SuperKind and we are a social enterprise ourselves.

2. Keep your children safe:

SuperKind is unique among fundraising platforms in that it can be safely used by children under 13. Our whole platform is built with children’s data and privacy front of mind. For example, parental approval is built into the system and photos & videos are password protected by default. This differs from other platforms where anyone on the internet can view the fundraiser’s name, school and see what they look like.

3. Make it fun for students:

SuperKind is created just for children and their schools. The interface is much simpler than other platforms and is loaded with fun features for kids such as the ability to colour their pages and collect badges.

4. Loaded with tools for schools:

Create campaigns, invite classes and houses, track your students’ fundraising progress and much more. SuperKind is specifically designed for schools and is loaded with features to make fundraising in school as easy and effective as possible.


All donations are processed by our established partners Stripe and Charities Trust. SuperKind never handles donations.


SuperKind does not take anything from donations. A standard payment processing fee of 1.2% + 20p, is charged by Stripe (not us). 100% of remaining donations go to the chosen charity.


Unlike other fundraising platforms, SuperKind is a social enterprise. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering the next generation of change-makers.