Children can change the world. They are naturally caring and curious, enthusiastic and empathetic. Sometimes they just need a little guidance and the tools to be the change they wish to see. That’s what SuperKind is for.

SuperKind - Parents - Quote

My children have been so inspired by spending time on SuperKind. It’s really created a spark for them to want to learn more about important causes and take action to make a difference"

How to start using SuperKind

SuperKind is completely free for children to use, and our educational platform is completely 100% not-for-profit.

SuperKind was built for children from the ground up. That means making it straight-forward for children to navigate their own way through SuperKind, easy to understand and fun. If you’d like to help your kids start their change-making journey, you can find links to some of our key resources below: 

SuperKind - Social Action and Philanthropy in Schools - Fundraising

Fundraise safely & meaningfully

Fundraise for over 30,000 charities & good causes on our award-winning fundraising platform built for children.

SuperKind’s cross-charity fundraising platform is the world’s only for children. It’s a safe, private and free way for young people to raise money for over 30,000 charities & good causes. 

Benefits of SuperKind

A one-stop shop for philanthropy and social action

On SuperKind, children can find all they need to take them on their change-making journey without needing to visit any other sites.

Fostering positive values

Children who take part in social action experience increased identification with positive values such as open-mindedness, compassion, and hope, helping them stand out from the crowd and become lifelong leaders.

Encouraging lifelong philanthropy

Children are twice as likely to be regularly charitable as adults if meaningfully engaged when young.

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