Jakomba Jabbie


Inspiring girls to learn about and aspire to work in science and technology subjects since she was 16 years old.
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Growing up, Jakomba Jabbie loved science and technology, dreaming of becoming an aerospace engineer. But in her country of Gambia, teachers and families don’t approve of girls studying science and mathematics. Jakomba’s teachers told her she couldn’t possibly become an aerospace engineer. Why? Because she is a girl.

Superkind Fundraising
Superkind Fundraising

Meanwhile, Jakomba was afraid to tell her family about her dreams because she wasn’t sure what they would think. Jakomba wanted to change this, not only for herself but for all the future female scientists. When she was 16, Jakomba set up a robotics club at her school. The aim was to show girls they can participate in science and technology. Having Jakomba as the head of the club served as a role model for other girls to step out of their comfort zones and believe in themselves because girls CAN do science.

‘Girls need to be told they can be anything they want to be.’
-Jakomba Jabbie

A few years later, Jakomba was invited to speak at the UN Women event, ‘Equality in Law for Women and Girls by 2030.’ She explained how important the role of teachers is in inspiring and supporting girls to believe they can do anything they want. Jakomba stood up and told world leaders that ‘Girls need to be told they can be anything they want to be.’

Superkind Fundraising
Superkind Fundraising
Superkind Fundraising
Superkind Fundraising

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