Jenny Cook

United Kingdom

Fundraising to help children suffering from ulcerative colitis since she was 5 years old.
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When Jenny was 4 years old, she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a condition where the large intestine gets red and swollen with sores called ulcers. It causes stomach cramps and diarrhoea and never goes away completely.

Jenny Cook
Jenny Cook

Since her diagnosis, Jenny has had several surgeries and spent a lot of time in hospital, but she hasn’t let her illness stop her. Instead, Jenny has dedicated her free time to fundraising to support others living with similar conditions. She held her first fundraiser, a cheese and wine night at her primary school, when she was just five years old and raised £5,000 in an evening!

‘I want to keep on continuing to help other children because I know what they are going through.’
-Jenny Cook

Since then, Jenny has been busy coming up with creative fundraising ideas and organising events. She persuaded her local church to light the building purple for a month, organised sponsored beard shaving, waitressed and donated all her tips to charity and so many more amazing ideas!

In 2016, Jenny’s fundraising total sat at an astonishing £111,000. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was so impressed by Jenny’s achievements that she came and officially opened an office in Jenny’s garden so that Jenny would have somewhere to plan her fundraising. Jenny has now raised £420,500.

On top of her fundraising efforts, Jenny speaks at events, raising awareness of her condition. She has also volunteered as a hospital buddy, to meet and support other children suffering from similar conditions. Jenny is an amazing example of someone who does not let problems get in her way. She says, ‘I want to keep on continuing to help other children because I know what they are going through.’

Superkind Fundraising
Superkind Fundraising
Superkind Fundraising
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