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SuperKind has been designed to help teachers integrate social action and philanthropy within the wider curriculum and their classrooms. It’s never been more important to teach children agency, empathy and the other values that come from social action. SuperKind is built around personal character development and active citizenship – key components of the Ofsted framework.
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Children engaged in meaningful giving by the age of 10 are more than twice as likely to make it a lifelong habit. 1

Charitable action in school is often decided on and led by adults2, reducing learning about charity to simply being about fundraising.3 

 76% of primary school teachers agree that civic engagement should be embedded within the primary school curriculum.4

How to start using SuperKind


Teach children about important problems around the world using our ‘Cause’ pages. We have crafted lesson plans to help integrate these into the curriculum.

SuperKind - Schools & Groups - Causes


Inspire children with stories of other young change-makers in presentations and assemblies.

SuperKind - Schools & Groups - Change-Makers


Use our take action sections and toolkits to provide ideas for actions that eco-clubs and school councils can take.

SuperKind - Schools & Groups - Toolkits


Find charities to support from our directory of exceptional charities.

SuperKind - Schools & Groups


Deliver the SuperKind Change-Makers’ Programme. 

SuperKind - Schools & Groups - Programme


Sign up to The Social Impact Schools Award. The award provides independent and formal recognition of schools placing social action and charity-work at the heart of their education. 

The fundraising platform for schools

SuperKind - Social Action and Philanthropy in Schools - Fundraising

Our award-winning fundraising platform is the world’s only cross-charity fundraising platform built for children and schools. It has completely revolutionised school fundraising. 

  • Free to use 
  • Loaded with school-specific tools
  • Fully GDPR compliant for use in schools and safe for children under 13
  • Raise money for over 30,000 charities & good causes