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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

No Poverty

Enough money for everyone

Zero Hunger

Nutritious food for the whole world

Good Health and Well-Being

Good healthcare for all people

Quality Education

Access to quality education for all children

Gender Equality

Equal opportunities and treatment for men and women

Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to clean water for everyone

Affordable and Clean Energy

Using energy that does not harm people or the environment

Decent work and Economic Growth

Safe and fair jobs for all people

Supporting businesses, new ideas and people to achieve their goals

Reduced Inequalities

Equal opportunities and treatment for all people

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Inclusive, safe and affordable cities and communities

Responsible Consumption and Production

Making and using things that don’t harm people or the environment

Climate Action

Global warming and extreme weather

Life Below Water

The plants and animals in our oceans

The plants and animals on our land

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

A fair world without war and violence

Partnerships for the Goals

Working together to achieve the goals