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The only cross-charity fundraising platform safe for children under 16.
Third Sector Awards
SuperKind's fundraising platform was crowned Digital Innovation of the Year by the Third Sector Awards.
SuperKind empowers children and their schools to raise money for over 30,000 charities & good causes including:
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SuperKind is the world’s only cross-charity fundraising platform for young children. We know that giving children ownership and agency is the key to meaningful charitable engagement that will last a lifetime. We are dedicated to empowering the next-generation of change-makers.

Together with our education website, our fundraising platform puts all the power – and fun – into the hands of children. SuperKind provides an easy, enjoyable and safe way to raise money online for thousands of charities and good causes.

Are you a school?

SuperKind has revolutionised fundraising in schools with an award-winning cross-charity fundraising platform built for children and schools. 

Why children are using SuperKind to fundraise…

1. Fun and rewarding:

Our fundraising platform is custom-built just for young people. It’s designed to be easy to use independently by children as young as 7 and it’s loaded with fun features – such as the ability to customise fundraising pages and earn badges.


Staying Safe Online
2. Staying safe online:

Children’s safety and privacy is at the heart of everything we do at SuperKind. Unlike other fundraising platforms, we take care of any information children provide in the appropriate legal ways, and we have loads of built-in features designed to keep young people safe online. For example, any photos and videos that children upload are password protected by default.  

Raising Money
3. Taking ownership for raising money:

We believe that children can change the world. Sometimes they just need the tools. SuperKind’s core ethos is that children should have maximum agency over their engagement with social action and fundraising. Our fundraising platform is designed to put all the ownership, power (and fun!) into the hands of young fundraisers.

Fundraising Tips

Choosing a Charity
Choose a Charity

Check out our Charities page to see some of our recommended charities. In addition to fundraising for these charities, you can also donate to them directly.

Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising Ideas

There are so many great ways to fundraise for causes you care about. Browse our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas for inspiration.

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How to Fundraise

Follow our Fundraising toolkit; a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a fundraiser.

What is SuperKind?

SuperKind is an award-winning, free platform for schools to bring social action and philanthropy into the classroom. We’re here to help create the next generation of change makers in the easiest and most engaging way. Our extensive educational platform is here to help children:

Learn About the World
SuperKind - Social Action and Philanthropy in Schools - Causes and Lesson Plans
Get Inspired to Make Change
SuperKind - Social Action and Philanthropy in Schools - Change-Maker
Take World-Changing Action
SuperKind - Social Action and Philanthropy in Schools - Toolkit
Find Charities to Support
SuperKind - Social Action and Philanthropy in Schools - Charity Pages
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All donations are processed by our established partners Stripe and Charities Trust. SuperKind never handles donations.


Our payment partner, Stripe, deducts a processing fee of 1.2% + 20p from all donations made using a major UK or EU card. This goes straight to them (not to SuperKind) and is the lowest fee on the market. 100% of the net amount goes to your chosen charity.

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Unlike other fundraising platforms, SuperKind is a social enterprise. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering the next generation of change-makers.

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