Raising Money

Raising Money

Did you know that more than £10 billion is donated to charity every year in the UK? In turn, the charities offer help and support to people in need. They carry out important research, raise awareness and change the lives of so many people. Charities rely on the donations of wonderful people like you, to help them achieve amazing things.

Even better than donating by yourself is when you raise money for a charity that you care about. Raising money is when you ask lots of people that you know to make a donation to the charity you have chosen – perhaps in exchange for selling them goods or services or for sponsoring you to do something difficult.

Earn Your Badge!

Once you’ve raised money, click on the badge on the right to claim your well-deserved badge! The first time you claim a badge you will get a bronze one, if you raise money again you can get a silver and then a gold one! 

What kinds of things can you do to raise money for charity?

There are lots of different ways to raise money and it all depends on the type of person you are and the kind of challenge you like! Keep on reading for some examples:

If you like being active…take part in a sponsored sporting activity
  • Individual sporting challenges: run, cycle, swim, triathlon
  • Team sporting activities: obstacle courses or a Five-a-side football tournament 
If you like doing things for other people…sell your services
  • Car wash
  • Cleaning your house
  • Face painting
If you like selling things…sell goods
  • Bake sale
  • Lemonade stand
  • Barbeque
  • Artwork
  • Bracelets
If you like giving…forget about birthday presents and ask people to donate money to charity instead
  • Birthday fundraiser
If you like socialising…organise events to earn money
  • Home clothes day
  • Talent show
  • Quiz night
  • Readathon
  • Guess the sweets in the jar

Still looking for more ideas?

If you’re still hungry to learn more about different ways you can raise money for charity, then head on over to our A-Z of fundraising ideas – with over 70 ideas listed here you’re bound to find something that you like the sound of!

How can you organise a charity fundraiser?

How can you organise a charity fundraiser?

These ideas are exciting, but sometimes organising them can seem a little scary! Luckily, we have all the tools you might need.

A Fundraiser that Changed the world

People all over the world take part in crazy things to raise money for charity. Often people choose a cause or charity they have felt affected by personally.

One recent fundraising story that stole the show was the story of Captain Sir Tom Moore. He was 99 years old when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the UK. Having been an army officer in World War II, Captain Tom’s spirit for adventure, combined with his desire to help others, compelled him to set himself a challenge. He decided to raise money for all the amazing doctors and nurses in the NHS who were risking their lives to save others.

Captain Tom pledged to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday. Tom had originally hoped to raise £1000, but before he knew it, his story had gone viral. People all over the world were donating, reaching a whopping £33 million! Even better still, Captain Tom inspired hundreds of other people to take on personal challenges and raise money for charity. He was quoted as saying, “The first step is always the hardest, but unless you take that first step, you’ll never finish.”




Raising money for charities can help them achieve great things.  Check out some change-makers who have raised money for important causes to make an amazing difference in the world:

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