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A) to provide and promote a religious, social and academic education for young persons who are visually impaired in the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland, the channel islands and the isle of man and elsewhere in the commonwealth and, subject thereto, from any other part of the world, with the ancillary purpose of supporting and facilitating generally the provision of education for such young persons;
b) to take over the whole (or any part of which may be legally vested in the charitable company) of the property belonging to, and to undertake any and all the liabilities of, the unincorporated charity currently known as “r.n.i.b new college worcester” (but formerly known as “worcester college for the blind”) which is regulated by a deed of trust executed on the 14th august 1936 (as subsequently amended) and which is registered with the charity commission (“the commission”) under number 527110 (“the existing charity”);
c) to manage and conduct new college worcester (incorporating worcester college for the blind and chorleywood college for girls with little or no sight) (“the college”) and to hold and administer its property in accordance with the provisions set out in the charitable company’s memorandum and articles of association (“the articles”), but in particular to secure that the religious instruction given in the college is in accordance with the doctrines of the church of england.

Fundraise for New College Worcester

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