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The charity’s objects are restricted to purposes which are charitable in accordance with the laws of england and wales, and specifically to:

promoting by all charitable means throughout the world the mental, spiritual, moral and physical development and improvement of young people and providing opportunities for them to develop their full capabilities and enabling them to become responsible members of society so that their conditions of life may be improved, to include

1) providing facilities for young people for recreation or other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare;
2) advancing the education of young people by the provision of, encouragement and promotion of education, instruction or training in professions, vocations, industries, crafts, trades or the skills needed in employment;
3) relieving poverty amongst young people through the provision of assistance (including financial assistance) and encouragement whilst their education is being advanced as aforesaid or whilst they are in the process of establishing new businesses or preparing for entering upon or engaging in a profession, trade, craft or service;
4) arranging periods of voluntary work in the community;
5) for the benefit of the public encouraging and assisting young people in their understanding of and practical action in support of the natural and built environment;
6) promoting and conducting research into social conditions affecting young people and the mental, spiritual, moral and physical needs of young people and to publish the useful results of such research;
7) carrying out any such approved objects (as defined by regulation 33 of the landfill tax regulations 1996 or any amendment thereto or replacement thereof) as are exclusively charitable and encouraging young people to do so; and
8) supporting such charity or charities or such charitable purpose or purposes as the members shall in their absolute discretion think fit.

Fundraise for Prince’s Trust International

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