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Your Monster Bookathon

Take part in this year’s Monster Bookathon, gobble up pictures and stories to raise funds for the Children’s Book Project and you’ll be helping children across the UK to have access to books of their own. 

The 2024 Monster Bookathon invites children and young people of all ages to devour stories and to have fun reading while raising much-needed funds for the Children’s Book Project.  We are a nationwide charity that wants every child to have the chance to own their own books.  Every £15 raised enables us to gift two books to every child in one primary school class.

Sign up as part of your school or community group today and take on your own monster challenge!

Who's It For?

Anyone can take part in the Monster Bookathon.  You don’t need to be a good reader or to read quickly.  You can set yourself a reading target based on your preferences and even discover your powers of illustration along the way!  Simply set your own Bookathon goal and then enjoy working towards it.  Some ideas follow below but remember, these are just suggestions.  You can create your own reading goal and invite your friends and family to sponsor you to reach it.

Monster Reading Ideas
  • Read a book from every genre (e.g. funny books, mystery books)
  • Read as many books as your age.
  • Read a certain number of pages every day.
  • Read in 20 different places at school & home.
  • Read a story out loud every night to someone in your family.
  • Finish a whole series of books.
How Does It Work?
Sign Up
Sign up for the 2024 Monster Bookathon with your class, club or community group (you will need parental permission)
Choose a Monster

Choose a Monster Challenge from our pre-set list or design your own.  You can write your goal at the top of your challenge page.

Ask for Sponsorship

[If you wish] Ask friends and family to sponsor you to reach your goal.  We’ve got lots of tips and inspiration.

Get Reading

Lose yourself in books, stories and illustrations.  Visit your school or local library to widen your access to new books or swap with your friends. 

Share Your Achievements

Share and celebrate your achievements with your sponsors, maximise your fundraising and collect your rewards.

Rewards for Fundraising

Everyone that completes their Challenge will receive a personalised printable Monster Bookathon Certificate regardless of the amount raised whilst anyone that raises £50 or more will earn one of our Monster Bookathon pin-badges.

Your personalised certificate will be emailed to your school or parent that helped you to complete your Monster Bookathon registration once your Bookathon is complete.

And if you raise £50 or more your pin-badge will be posted to your school or club for the lead adult to pass on to you. 

Asking for Sponsorship

Ask your family and friends: Ask your parents and grandparents to make a donation to your page. This is the best way to get started!


Share on social media: Ask your parents if they have a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profile – if they do, ask them to share a link to your fundraising page with all their friends to increase your donations!


Share your progress: Let everyone know how you’re getting on with your challenge.  It’s never too late for someone to sponsor you to reach your goal.  You can email a link to your page or create a poster to share with people.


Take on a Bookathon dare: How about reading one of your books upside down or reading out loud against the clock? Ask your family to dare you, but only for a donation! 

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