Rosebank Primary School

+£30 Gift Aid

Our school motto is “We are all friends and together we succeed” and our aim is that every child, parent, carer and member of staff feels this when they come into our school.  We believe that relationships are the starting point of all successful learning and therefore invest a considerable amount of time developing relationships with children and families.

We ensure that all learning is linked to our school drivers. Our school drivers incorporate skills that will prepare children for the next stage in their future development and how to be responsible citizens in the wider world. Our drivers are Respectful Communicators, Healthy Advocates, Resilient Individuals and World Citizens. More details on these can be found on our Curriculum page of our website about how to achieve Driver Awards. 

Our World Citizen’s driver is closely linked to actions linked to the ‘Social Impact Award’. We encourage children to learn about events in the news and issues that are being faced across the globe and look at how we can make a difference. Throughout the year, children have opportunities to make a difference to our school, local community and the wider world. 


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