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A-Z of Fundraising

Find fundraising ideas and inspiration


Athletics competition

Challenge your classmates to an athletics competition in a sport of your choice. It could be running, football, cricket, ping pong or anything else! Sell tickets to the match for donations.

Arm-wrestling contest

Challenge your friends to an epic arm-wrestle contest. Ask for donations before the slam down.

Art attack 

Organise an art competition for your fellow classmates to submit artwork. You could set a theme that resonates with your chosen charity. Ask your friends to make a donation to enter their artwork.


Bucket collection

Ask your classmates and teachers to contribute to your donation bucket. See just how generous your fellow students and teachers can be.

Book sale

Ask your fellow classmates to bring in books that they no longer want and sell them for charity.


Organise a school bingo night. Sell tickets to raise money for charity.


Colour run

Bring your classmates and teachers together for a sponsored run while having paint thrown at you! Wear a white t-shirt and see how many colours you can get on it. 

Cake sale

Grab your fellow classmates (& their aprons!) and get baking. Bake a selection of cakes, cookies and cupcakes and sell them at school.

Car wash

Get the sponges out and get the whole school involved in washing parents’ cars. Ask parents to contribute a donation in return for having their car washed.


Dog show

Ask your classmates to bring their furry friends along to a school dog show! Give our prizes for the best dogs. Ask dog owners to pay a donation to enter their dog into the competition.

Disney day

Host a school Disney Day. Students can dress up as their favourite Disney character in exchange for a donation.


Crack out the disco lights and speakers and host a school disco! Invite your classmates to come along and buy a ticket with proceeds going to charity.


Egg and spoon race

Wind back time to your first school sports days and put on a good old-fashioned egg and spoon race. If you are feeling extra keen, add in three-legged and sack races. Ask spectators to contribute a donation to attend.


Organise a school art exhibition, showcasing some of your classmates’ best artwork. Auction the artwork with proceeds going to charity.

Eco day

Invite students (& teachers!) to dress in green and take steps to helping the environment. You could organise a school litter-pick, or do an assembly about recycling.


Fancy dress

Host a fancy dress day where everyone comes dressed up. A small donation is all it takes to get involved.


Gather the best artists in your school and volunteer your time to paint other students’ faces. Charge a fee for face painting.

Fashion show

Invite your classmates to a school fashion show. All they need to do is demonstrate their favourite outfit in return for a donation.


Games night

Host a school games night featuring Twister, Jenga, Dobble, Monopoly or any of your favourite games. Sell tickets to the games night.

Gym circuits

Challenge your class to get fit with circuit trainning. Set a session price for students to pay.

Guess how many?

Fill up a jar with sweet treats and ask your classmates to guess how many sweets are in the jar. Ask students to pay to submit their guess and put themselves in the mix to win the entire sweetie jar!


Harry Potter day

Transform your school into Hogwarts for the day. Dress in robes and watch Science become Potions, PE become Quidditch and English become Muddle Studies. Collect donations at Gringotts Bank.

Hula Hoop challenge

Get those hips gyrating and see who can keep their hula hoop going for the longest. Ask students to pay a donation to enter.

Hot dog night

Get barbecue-ing (with an adult of course!). You can BBQ hotdogs, burgers, corn on the cob and marshmallows! Invite students and their parents to come and buy your delicious food!


Inter-school sports day

Invite other schools for an inter-school sports day. The day can include all sorts of competitions – egg and spoon races, three-legged races, tugs of war and anything else you fancy! Ask participants to donate to play.

Ice cream social

Organise an ice cream sale at your school. Sell ice creams and donate the proceeds to charity.

Indoor rowing

Organise a row-a-thon where you and your classmates row in a relay so that someone is rowing all day long – from 8am til8pm. People can sign up to row for 2 minutes, 10 minutes or an hour! Ask friends and family to sponsor you.


Junk shop

One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. Dig through your wardrobe, cupboards and shelves to see what you can sell for charity.


Hold an assembly dedicated to joke telling. Parents and friends can come along for a donation.

Jewellery making

Buy beads and wire and gather your friends for some jewellery making. Sell the jewellery and donate the proceeds to charity.


Karaoke night

Warm up your vocal chords and grab the microphone – host a school Karaoke night. Charge people a small donation to step up to the mic. You can also charge an entre fee for spectators.

Kick off

Organise a football tournament with another school. Invite members of the local community to attend for a donation.


Host a school keepy-uppy competition. Who can keep the ball in the air the longest? Invite your classmates to take part and make a donation for doing so.


Lip-sync battle

Think you know all the lyrics to your favourite song? Prove it by miming your favourite song while performing on stage. Ask the audience to make a donation at the door.

Lego contest

Set your classmates a Lego challenge and invite them to submit their best Lego creations for the chance to win. Ask participants to donate to enter.


Fed up of seeing your school and streets littered with plastic? Ask your classmates to bring in a plastic bag and a pair of gloves and take them on a litter-pick.


Movie night

Crack open the popcorn and choose a film, it’s time for a whole school movie night! Ask attendees to pay to enter and sell popcorn for charity.

Magic show

Invite budding magicians in your school to get together and host a magic show. Parents and friends can come along for a donation.

Mini marathon

Organise a school-wide mini marathon where students will be sponsored to run 1 mile.


Non-uniform day

Leave your uniform behind for a day and wear your own clothes. Ask your classmates to donate to get involved.

Netball match

Organise a school netball competition. Teams must donate to enter.

New Year’s Eve party

Invite your classmates, siblings, parents and teachers to join you for a school New Years Eve party. You could ask a grown up to help you organise some fireworks and a BBQ. Ask attendees to make a donation.



Host a school Olympics. You could split pupils into teams and give each team a country name. Tickets can be sold in the lead up to the big event.

Obstacle course

Set up an obstacle course featuring the wildest obstacles you can think of. Set up donation points for the crowd.

Open mic night

Host an after-school open mic night and invite parents and friends to come along for a donation.



Organise a school paintballing trip. Ask attendees to pay a little more than the entry price to go to charity.

Pyjama day

Roll out of bed and go to school in your pyjamas. Invite your classmates to join your school pyjama day and ask them to make a contribution to charity.

Poetry recital

Show of your poetry writing and performance in a school poetry recital. Invite your classmates to take part and ask them for a donation to do so.



Test your classmates’ general knowledge with a school quiz night. Simply charge for entry.


Organise a school treasure hunt quest. Participants must pay a donation to take part.


Who’s the biggest chatterbox? Hold a sponsored silence where you and your classmates agree not to make a peep for a set length of time. Ask people to sponsor you in this difficult challenge.



Who can rap the best rhymes and lines? Host a school rap battle and invite people to come and watch. Ask viewers to donate to enter.


Who will be the lucky winner? Ask friends, family and teachers to donate raffle prizes and invite people to buy raffle tickets to get in with a chance of winning.


See how many books you and your friends can read and ask people to sponsor your reading.


Sponge throw

Ask teachers to volunteer to have soapy sponges thrown at their face by students. Students must make a donation to sponge a teacher!

Summer fete

Set up stalls, sell things and play games at your school’s summer fete. Donate the proceeds to charity.

Spelling bee

Can you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? Show off your spelling skills at a school spelling bee. Ask your classmates to make a donation to take part.


Table football tournament

Who will be the table football champion? Organise a school table football competition. Participants must donate to enter.

Theatre show

Lay on a school show and ask friends, family and teachers to make a donation to come and watch.

Tug of war

Show off your strength and teamwork in a tug of war competition. Ask your classmates to make a donation to take part.


University challenge

Do you have what it takes to face the famously tough questions? Organise a school University Challenge and ask your classmates to pay to take part.

Uniform day for teachers

Sponsor your teachers to wear school uniform for a day. Will you be able to tell them apart from the students?

Ugly face pulling competition

Challenge your classmates to create the most outrageous face and offer a prize for the winner. Charge everyone to enter.


Variety show

Can you juggle? Or sing? Or do magic tricks? Show off your wonderful talents in a school variety show. Invite people to come and watch and ask them to make a donation on the door.

Video game tournament

Host a school video game tournament – the only time you’ll ever get to play video games in school! Ask participants to pay a fee to take part.

Valentines day roses

Sell roses and donate the proceeds to charity.



Gather your fellow classmates (and some teachers too!) and set yourself a challenging walk. Ask friends and family to sponsor you.


Host a crazy hair day at school. Invite your classmates to make a donation to wear a wig for the day.

Who’s the baby? 

Ask teachers to give you a picture of them as a baby and invite your classmates to guess who’s who. Players must make a donation to take part.



Host a school X-factor? Who will steal the show? Ask your audience to pay a fee to get in.

Xmas card making

Gather your classmates to get those creative juices flowing and Christmas cards for charity.

Xmas pantomime

Draw in Christmas with a school pantomime. Gather your classmates to help you lay on a play that will have your audience in stitches. Ask the audience to make a donation to attend.



Encourage your friends to join you in practising mindfulness and promoting well-being through yoga. Ask them to pay a fee to join the yoga class.

Yes day

Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day. Ask friends and family to sponsor you.

Yo-yo competition

Show off your yo-yoing skills in a school yo-yo competition. Ask participants to pay a small fee to take part.



It’s time for a rest after all that fundraising. You’ve earnt it!

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