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2024 Monster Bookathon

The Children’s Book Project is passionate about helping every child to own their own books, to see themselves as a reader and as part of their reading community.  Both unexpected and familiar stories, characters, facts and illustrations can transport every child, open their horizons and develop key skills of empathy, understanding of the world and of themselves.  It is our belief that every child’s reading adventures should be celebrated and the 2024 Monster Bookathon helps their schools and community groups to do just that.

Every child and young person nationwide can participate in the 2024 Monster Bookathon and receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement.  It is a country-wide celebration of stories and illustration, and you do not have to fundraise in order to take part.

We also welcome schools and settings to fundraise for the Children’s Book Project as part of their challenge goal.  Funds raised will help the charity to gift over 350k new and pre-loved books to children across the country with very few books of their own. Have fun taking on your own reading challenge in the knowledge that you are helping other children to do the same nationwide.

Invite your class, school or community group to sign up today!

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