Caroline Haslett Primary School

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At Caroline Haslett our motto is: ‘nil satis nisi optimum’ (nothing but the best is good enough). 

Our school is a happy, ambitious and inclusive school, reflecting the rich diversity of families in our area. Our team is characterised by its dynamic, creative and caring approach. We are always seeking to learn and improve, and we go the extra mile for our pupils to have the opportunity to do the same.

At Caroline Haslett everyone is welcomed, children are happy, efforts are valued, ambition is nurtured and the potential of every child is realised.

Caroline Haslett celebrates its diversity and has high and equal expectations of all children, regardless of social, cultural, linguistic or ethnic background.  Parents and carers are encouraged to be deeply involved in their children’s learning and in the life of the school.

At Caroline Haslett School we recognise the important role that we have in promoting mental wellbeing. All our staff support children to build resilience and across the school we raise awareness about the importance of good mental health.

We recognise that social action and philanthropy can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, help build a sense of purpose and help us connect with others.

We believe that happy children learn best when given opportunities to express emotions, understand their feelings and knowing that they have a safe space in which to resolve problems or anxieties. We support children in building strong supportive relationships.

We provided every opportunity to develop children’s confidence and capacity to become successful individuals.